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Riga's Culinary & Cultural Tasting Tour

Book Riga's Culinary & Cultural Tasting Tour, and let your senses lead the way. Discover the soul of the city through its most beautiful historical place Riga Old Town, cuisine, coffee, liqueurs, and sweet treats.

Tour Highlights:

1. A Feast for Every Palate
We kick off our journey with a taste of a traditional meal featuring your choice of meat, fish, or vegetarian dishes. Prepared with love and care using locally sourced ingredients, these dishes are a celebration of Latvia's rich culinary traditions.

2. Taste Riga Black Balsam
Riga Black Balsam is a legend in its own right, a beloved herbal liqueur that encapsulates the essence of Latvia. Experience the unique, complex flavors of this traditional elixir, and discover its role in Latvian folklore.

3. Sweet Delights
No culinary adventure is complete without dessert. You'll have the opportunity to savor a delightful local dessert that perfectly complements the bold flavors you've encountered throughout the tour.

Book a tour now and get a delightful journey that promises to ignite your curiosity and celebrate the essence of Riga.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: from 53 EUR per person
- Old Town walking tour with local guide
- Fish/meat/vegetarian meal, beer/cider/non-alcoholic brew, dessert, Riga Black Balsam, coffee/tea, water.
Discounted rates are available for larger groups.
Rate for children upon request.
Meeting point: any hotel or apartment within centre of Riga
Transfer from Jurmala 25 EUR (up to 4 persons), for larger group upon request.

Book a tour: Call/WhatsApp +371 20093939 or booking@bestrest.lv or booking form.

You can also order a gift card from us!

Method of payment: We only accept cash payment after the tour. You can cancel the tour up to 24 hours before it starts. Please note after we receive your booking confirmation, all arrangements are pre-booked and prepaid by us, so we kindly ask you to be responsible when deciding not to participate in the tour.
Best Rest Baltics
Phone: +371 20093939
Email: booking@bestrest.lv
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